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  • jeudi 2 avril

  • Oil major Total undermining French palm oil diesel law with doublespeak (Transport & Environment)
    A controversy has broken out in France over a tax exemption that threatens to undermine a new law aimed at reducing demand for palm oil diesel. The exemption is for palm fatty acid distillate (PFAD), a by-product of palm oil. Following intense lobbying by oil and gas multinational Total, the French customs authority changed its mind and classified PFAD as a residue, not direct palm oil. This way diesel made with palm-based PFAD can continue to benefit from environmental tax advantages.  (...)
  • mardi 31 mars

  • EU governments admit they need to do more to improve air quality (European Environmental Bureau - EEB)
    EU environment ministers have accepted that more needs to be done to ensure European air quality standards are met across the continent. Civil society groups welcomed the conclusions issued by ministers following a meeting in Brussels yesterday. [1] The conclusions represent the official position of EU governments following a over two years long assessment of European air quality rules as part of a so-called ‘Fitness Check’ procedure. The governments agreed with the position that civil  (...)
  • lundi 30 mars

  • Electric car sales sky-rocket in Europe (Transport & Environment)
    Sales of electric cars rose 81% in Europe in the final quarter of 2019, new figures show. Electric cars - which include battery electrics and plug-in hybrids - accounted for 4.4% of total new car sales in the period, according to the auto industry federation ACEA. Interested in this kind of news ? Receive them directly in your inbox. Delivered once a week. Sign Up T&E said the figures show that consumer demand is there and  (...)
  • samedi 28 mars

  • Coronavirus Is Devastating Chinese Tourism (The Atlantic)
    YANGON—Last month, on January 19, Myanmar’s state-run newspaper left no question as to what was the biggest story of the day. The paper carried page after page of dry reports documenting the movements and meetings of visiting Chinese President Xi Jinping. Inside were photos of Xi and Myanmar’s leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, sitting in gilded chairs behind a table draped in red, yellow, and green fabric, the colors of Myanmar’s flag. A parade of officials had taken turns posing in front of them,  (...)
  • vendredi 27 mars

  • Carmakers’ ‘license to pollute’ should be removed, EU research shows (Transport & Environment)
    The “licence to pollute” given to the car industry in real-driving emissions tests is wrong, a long-awaited EU study shows, and it should be phased out immediately, Transport & Environment (T&E) has said. In 2016, EU governments and the European Commission decided behind closed doors that cars could emit 50% above the legal limit for NOx in on-road tests as the portable measuring equipment was “inaccurate”. But this week the Commission’s Joint Research Centre found the gap between lab  (...)
  • jeudi 26 mars

  • The fossil fuel industry’s “genderwashing” exposes another layer of their hypocrisy (Greenpeace International )
    Every year when International Women’s Day comes around on the 8th of March, it’s now normal to see corporations jumping on the opportunity to make their brands appear more interested in gender equality. Companies organise or sponsor Women’s Day events, or even repackage their products or run promotions aimed at women. The fossil fuel industry is no different. As companies who have damaged their public image by ignoring the pollution they cause, International Women’s Day looks like a chance  (...)

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