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  • lundi 24 juillet

  • Business bias in secretive UK-US trade talks - blueprint for post-Brexit UK-EU trade negotiations ? (Corporate Europe Observatory)
    Of UK trade department’s 318 lobby meetings during 6 months, 90% were with business lobbies British MPs not allowed any information about UK Trade Secretary Liam Fox’s closed-door talks with US 16 UK and US trade unions and civil society organisations call for trade talks to “be led by public input and take place in the light of day” Is this a foretaste of a ’Big Business Britain’ in the making post-Brexit ? Download the briefing. UK trade secretary Liam Fox has come under fire for the (...)
  • Big Business Britain : How corporate lobbyists are dominating meetings with trade ministers (Corporate Europe Observatory)
    UK trade secretary Liam Fox has come under fire for the strong business bias of his Department for International Trade’s lobby meetings, as he launches unofficial trade negotiations with the US today. It is a bias that raises questions about the way a possible post-Brexit UK-EU trade deal might be skewed in the interest of Big Business. UK trade secretary Liam Fox has come under fire for the strong business bias of his Department for International Trade’s lobby meetings, as he launches (...)
  • dimanche 23 juillet

  • The Paris Agreement : Already Forgotten ? (The Atlantic)
    REYKJAVÍK, Iceland—When President Donald Trump pulled the United States out of the Paris Agreement on climate change, it seemed like the entire world rushed to condemn him. Emmanuel Macron, the president of France, immediately made a live broadcast. “He is making a mistake for the future of his country and his people, and a mistake for the future of the planet,” he said. Bishop Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo, the head of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences at the Vatican, declared the withdrawal “a (...)
  • samedi 22 juillet

  • The Success of Paying People to Not Cut Down Trees (The Atlantic)
    The world’s tropical forests are living exemplars of the tragedy of the commons, where the needs of the world clash with those of individuals. The trees in those forests lock away so much carbon that keeping them alive is one of the most cost-effective ways of reducing global carbon-dioxide emissions and forestalling the harm of climate change. But for the people who actually own those trees, cutting them down, selling them for timber, and using their land for agriculture is a great way of (...)
  • jeudi 20 juillet

  • Big Tobacco and right-wing US billionaires funding anti-regulation hardliners in the EU (Corporate Europe Observatory)
    Since the start of this year, two curious new groups have been set up in Brussels : the Consumer Choice Center and an EU branch of the Freedom Organisation for the Right to Enjoy Smoking Tobacco (Forest EU). They claim to represent consumers, but a closer look shows no links to those they allege to speak for. The power of lobbies Article type : (...)
  • mercredi 19 juillet

  • The Health-Care Cost of Homelessness (The Atlantic)
    In the past year, Los Angeles has dedicated billions of dollars towards housing the homeless. The effort is, in part, aimed at addressing the city’s exorbitant health-care spending on this population. Housing is now widely understood to be the best health intervention for the homeless population, who experience far more hospitalizations than those with homes. However, a critical step in this new effort is actually connecting the city’s homeless population, many of whom are very wary of (...)

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