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  • vendredi 21 octobre

  • Why are environmental negotiations being led by polluting industries ? (Greenpeace International)
    Last week, in Kigali, Rwanda, governments across the world agreed on a landmark deal to phase down HFCs (hydrofluorocarbons). HFCs are greenhouse gases that are up to a thousand times more powerful than CO2. They are used as refrigerants in things like air conditioners, and contribute the rapid warming of our planet. The phase down is a move in the right direction, but progress is simply not happening fast enough. We need to stay below 1.5ºC of global warming to alleviate its worst effects (...)
  • jeudi 20 octobre

  • To live in peace, meet the Japanese community fighting for their forest (Greenpeace International)
    For 20 years, the people of Okinawa, Japan have opposed the construction of a US military base that will damage the marine environment and endangered sea creatures like the Japanese dugong. Now the construction threatens to take over their forest. Japanese photojournalist, Takashi Morizumi has been documenting the Okinawa people’s movement for nine years. Read his journey and meet the people who are fighting to keep their home. Children swimming in the lake in the Yambaru forest Driving (...)
  • mercredi 19 octobre

  • Why we are taking Arctic oil to court (Greenpeace International)
    Historic Lawsuit against Arctic Oil in Oslo, 18 Oct, 2016. With this historic court case a new generation is now taking action to stop oil companies from kidnapping our future. Nature & Youth and Greenpeace Nordic, alongside a broad coalition, have filed an unprecedented people-powered legal case against the Norwegian government. It has the potential to become a rallying point for people resisting fossil fuel exploration around the world. This case is about holding back the oil (...)
  • Will the Monsanto Tribunal create a better food system for all of us ? (Greenpeace International)
    Last weekend (14th-16th of October 2016), farmers, scientists and activists from all over the world gathered at the Monsanto Tribunal in the Hague, Netherlands, to present the case against destruction caused by one of the corporate giants that promotes industrial farming. Monsanto Tribunal in The Hague, 15 Oct, 2016 The symbolic Monsanto Tribunal aimed to hold Monsanto - the giant agrochemical company - to account for its alleged atrocities against humanity and the environment. This (...)
  • Tell World Leaders to Kick Big Polluters out of Climate Policy ! (Corporate Europe Observatory)
    As world leaders prepare for COP22 in Marrakesh, Morocco, this November, the oil and gas industry retains a firm grip on the UN climate talks and climate policy in general. It’s time to break free and reclaim power over climate policy. As world leaders prepare for COP22 in Marrakesh, Morocco, this November, the oil and gas industry retains a firm grip on the UN climate talks and climate policy in general. It’s time to break free and (...)
  • mardi 18 octobre

  • This is The People vs. Arctic Oil (Greenpeace International)
    A new wave of oil drilling threatens the Arctic - but today saw the start of the fight back. This morning a lawsuit was filed that could stop the expansion of this reckless industry northwards - but we need your help. This is The People vs. Arctic Oil. As the Arctic melts oil companies are moving in to drill for more oil. Next year the Norwegian owned oil company Statoil will drill further north than ever - unless we stop them. An unprecedented case was filed this morning that could do (...)
  • The great CETA swindle (Corporate Europe Observatory)
    Today, Belgium followed a ‘no’ vote from two of its regional Parliaments on the controversial EU-Canada trade deal CETA, temporarily blocking the first step towards the treaty’s ratification in a meeting of EU trade ministers. A close look at the CETA – and a recent declaration designed by Brussels and Ottawa to reassure critics and gain support for its ratification – shows that concerns over CETA are well-founded. Behind the PR attempts by the Canadian Government and the European Commission to (...)
  • lundi 17 octobre

  • ‘These are our prayers in action’ – a look at life in the #NoDAPL Resistance camps (Greenpeace International)
    For months, the Standing Rock Sioux and allies have been protecting their water by resisting construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, which would carry 500,000 barrels of oil a day from North Dakota to Illinois in the United States. Peter Dakota Molof spent a week supporting water protectors at resistance camps set up along Lake Oahe  – this is what he saw. Photo by Gokhan Cukurova As I turn off the two-lane highway that courses through the Standing Rock Indian Reservation into Oceti (...)

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