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  • jeudi 19 octobre

  • Setting the record straight on false accusations : Dr C. Portier’s work on glyphosate and IARC (Corporate Europe Observatory)
    With a week left before an important vote on the re-licensing or not of glyphosate by EU Member States, the pesticides industry and its allies are waging a dirty battle. A leading environmental health and carcinogenity expert, Dr Christopher Portier, is being targeted by attacks aiming at undermining his reputation as a person, as a scientist, and, beyond him, that of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) whose March 2015 classification of glyphosate as a “probable human (...)
  • mercredi 18 octobre

  • We are all deeply feeling the loss of a friend and colleague (Greenpeace International)
    It is with heavy hearts that we can confirm that our dear friend and colleague Carolina Nyberg-Steiser, 29, from Greenpeace Nordic has died in a tragic accident in the Amazon. (Statement in Swedish below) Carolina was traveling in a small amphibious plane that crashed while landing on the river Rio Negro near the city of Manaus, capital of the northern state of Amazonas in Brazil. There is no confirmed information on the causes of the accident. The plane crashed Tuesday at around 11.50 AM (...)
  • mardi 17 octobre

  • Big Data is watching you (Corporate Europe Observatory)
    This week, MEPs on the Civil Rights Committee will vote on the ePrivacy regulation, which will determine how secure our data is when we are online. For the past 16 months, industry lobbies, including all those who collect or use citizens’ personal online data for advertising purposes, have been vigorously opposing new proposals on ePrivacy. On the other side of the debate, digital rights campaigners demand that citizens should enjoy optimum data privacy when online. MEPs are about to (...)
  • How green is your tech ? (Greenpeace International)
    Do you know how this device, the one you are reading on right now, got into your hand or onto your desk ? While it probably came out of a pretty box, if you could look through this screen back through the steps involved in making your shiny device, the picture you would see would likely be far from pretty : a supply chain still reliant on dirty energy sources fueling climate change, dangerous mining practices, hazardous chemicals, and poorly designed products that drive consumption of the (...)

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