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  • mercredi 26 septembre

  • A Physical Public Square in the Digital Age (The Atlantic)
    LONDON—London’s Hyde Park may be one of the city’s largest parks, but it’s also one of its most typical. Across its expansive 350 acres can be found park goers doing the usual park things : weekend picnics, pickup frisbee games, or bike rides along its winding paths. There’s an art gallery, a café, and a lake for swimming and paddleboating. And on its northeastern corner, every Sunday afternoon, there is something that looks a lot like chaos. But it’s not entirely that. In reality, it’s just a (...)
  • mardi 25 septembre

  • Biodegradable plastics will not solve plastic pollution, says the European Parliament (European Environmental Bureau - EEB)
    Biodegradable and compostable plastics do not prevent plastic pollution and should not be an excuse to keep consuming single-use plastics, the European Parliament recognised in a vote today. The Parliament voted to strengthen the European Commission’s plans to slash plastic pollution, under the European Strategy for Plastics in a Circular Economy launched in January 2018. Speaking on behalf of the Rethink Plastic alliance [1], ECOS programme manager Ioana Popescu said : “Biodegradable or (...)
  • lundi 24 septembre

  • Glaciers Falling on Tourists : Yet Another Danger of Climate Change (The Atlantic)
    In the summer of 1987, a woman visiting Alaska was crushed by a 1,000-pound chunk of ice. According to news reports at the time, Thais Grabenauer, 59, had been taking pictures with her husband at the foot of Exit Glacier, a towering wall of ice that’s one of the most popular attractions in Kenai Fjords National Park. A half-ton piece of the glacier calved off as the couple was snapping, killing Grabenauer and injuring her husband. It was one of those wrong place, wrong time tragedies that (...)
  • Corporate capture in Europe (Corporate Europe Observatory)
    Excessive corporate influence over policy-making remains a serious threat to the public interest across Europe and at the EU level, warns a new report by our partner organisation the Alliance for Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Regulation in the EU (ALTER-EU). The report, which is available here, features many case studies, including one on corporate capture of EU banking regulation which was researched and written by Corporate Europe Observatory. Excessive corporate influence over (...)
  • samedi 22 septembre

  • Electric trucks essential to meeting Paris goals – government study (Transport & Environment)
    Electric trucks are urgently needed for Europe to achieve its climate goals, according to a new study commissioned by the Dutch Environment Ministry. It shows that one out of three new trucks will need to be electric or zero-emission by 2030 if the EU is to meet its Paris commitments. Transport ModeFreightLorriesRelated issuesClimate Change and EnergyPolicy areaStandards
  • jeudi 20 septembre

  • The Most Honest Book About Climate Change Yet (The Atlantic)
    Authors like to flatter themselves by imagining for their work an “ideal reader,” a cherubic presence endowed with bottomless generosity, the sympathy of a parent, and the wisdom of, well, the authors themselves. In Carbon Ideologies, William T. Vollmann imagines for himself the opposite : a murderously hostile reader who sneers at his arguments, ridicules his feeblemindedness, scorns his pathetic attempts at ingratiation. Vollmann can’t blame this reader, whom he addresses regularly (...)

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