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  • jeudi 15 novembre

  • Shipping making no progress on climate commitment (Transport & Environment)
    The international shipping community has made little progress to advance the global commitment made earlier this year to reduce the sector’s greenhouse gas emissions. This is despite impassioned pleas for action by climate scientists to the International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) environment committee last month. Delegates spent two weeks discussing procedural matters and timelines rather than concrete measures to decarbonise the sector. T&E said that some IMO delegates soon ‘would (...)
  • mercredi 14 novembre

  • Stop the EU’s Services Notification Procedure - municipalities need democratic space to protect the interests of citizens ! (Corporate Europe Observatory)
    We, representatives of European cities, civil society groups and trade unions, want to express our deep concern about the proposed Services Notification Procedure. Instead of reporting afterwards, new rules and laws would in the future have to be notified in advance and receive prior approval from the European Commission.
  • mardi 13 novembre

  • Washington State Likely Rejects a Historic Carbon Tax (The Atlantic)
    If Democrats ever want to fight climate change at the national level, they’ll need help from state-level progressives first. Blue states will need to function as “laboratories of democracy,” trying out creative new climate policies and finding their faults before their debut on the national stage. On Tuesday, Democrats didn’t get that help. Though progressives cruised to victory in Washington State—Senator Maria Cantwell, a Democrat, easily won reelection—by late Tuesday night, voters appeared (...)
  • lundi 12 novembre

  • Stand up for your Right to Repair (European Environmental Bureau - EEB)
    Tired of wasting money on products that don’t last ? Help us put an end to the “throwaway” culture. Sign the petition below and share this message. Every day we buy products that are designed to break. Manufacturers are making it increasingly difficult and expensive to repair our electronic gadgets and replace key parts like a cracked screen or a weak battery. By reducing the lifespan of a product they may drive sales, but this comes at the expense of citizens and the planet. The world is (...)
  • dimanche 11 novembre

  • The 19th-Century Origins of Climate Science (The Atlantic)
    If you were to travel to the early 1800s and strike up a conversation with a European scientist about climate, they would begin by asking why you hadn’t read your Aristotle. First sketched by the philosopher in his fourth-century B.C. treatise Meteorologica, the model that sprang from the ancient Greek concept of klima divided the hemispheres into three fixed climatic bands : polar cold, equatorial heat, and a zone of moderation in the middle. This understanding of climate as a static (...)
  • samedi 10 novembre

  • Meet the women taking on some of the world’s biggest climate polluters (Greenpeace International)
    These inspiring, determined, and hopeful women are fighting to hold oil, gas and coal companies accountable for climate change. Typhoon Haiyan Survivors in London © Jiri Rezac / Greenpeace (L-R) Desiree Llanos Dee, Veronica ‘Derek’ Cabe, Marielle Trixie Bacason, with Johanna Fernandez from Greenpeace Southeast Asia. © Jiri Rezac / Greenpeace Marielle Bacason was 22 when she experienced the storm that would change her life. On November 8, 2013, she held onto whatever she could as winds of up (...)

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