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  • lundi 24 février

  • Oil major slapped with €5m fine for greenwashing palm oil diesel (Transport & Environment)
    Italian oil giant Eni has been slapped with a €5 million fine over its greenwashing of palm-oil based diesel as ‘green’. The company ran a major marketing campaign that deceived consumers by claiming its ‘Eni Diesel+’ has a positive impact on the environment, Italy’s advertising watchdog ruled this week. Interested in this kind of news ? Receive them directly in your inbox. Delivered once a week. Sign Up In a landmark ruling against  (...)
  • vendredi 21 février

  • New diesel cars’ pollution spikes to dangerous levels yet pass tests via loophole (Transport & Environment)
    New diesel cars may be exposing the public to dangerous levels of particle emissions - more than 1,000 times normal levels - and still pass pollution tests due to a loophole. Independent tests on two new top-selling diesel models found that particle numbers can skyrocket when the vehicles clean their filters, which can also occur in urban areas and last for up to 15km. Studies show such exposure can instantly stress the heart of people standing close to traffic.  (...)
  • jeudi 20 février

  • Health, environment and climate are not negotiable (Corporate Europe Observatory)
    20.02.2020 EU trade deals Pesticides & GMOs Food controversies TTIP More than 100 civil society organisations demand a stop to trade talks with the US that will further endanger EU rules on health and the environment and aggravate the climate crisis. A change of course is needed. We have followed the recent talks between the European Commission and the US authorities on a new trade agreement with disbelief and  (...)
  • “No TTIP through the backdoor !” (Corporate Europe Observatory)
    Civil society organisations warn against risky concessions in EU-US trade talks 20.02.2020 EU trade deals Recent statements by EU Trade Commissioner Phil Hogan have spurred a strong reaction from civil society groups, many of which campaigned against the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). Confronted with US demands to change EU rules on pesticide residues in food, chemical treatment of poultry (‘chlorinated chickens’), and GMOs,  (...)
  • mercredi 19 février

  • EU Watchdog Radio : Episode 1 (Corporate Europe Observatory)
    Counter Balance - Challenging Public Investment Banks 19.02.2020 In the very first episode of EU Watchdog Radio, Xavier Sol of Counter Balance discusses how the European Union is planning to finance the Green Deal and the role played by the transformation of the European Investment Bank (EIB) into the so-called ‘EU Climate Bank’. Is this really a game changer ? How can public funds better be controlled so that taxpayers money does not end up fueling fraud and corruption ?  (...)
  • Increase in Paris cycle lanes leads to dramatic rise in bike commuting (Transport & Environment)
    Efforts to improve facilities for cyclists in Paris are showing impressive results. The mayor’s office has published new statistics showing that bicycle use in both the centre of Paris and the suburbs rose by 54% in one year following a considerable increase in cycle lanes, many of them separated from motorised traffic. Interested in this kind of news ? Receive them directly in your inbox. Delivered once a week. Sign Up The  (...)

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