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  • mardi 7 avril

  • Opportunity or disaster ? Commission set to launch new EU Industrial Strategy (European Environmental Bureau - EEB)
    The European Commission will today publish its new industrial strategy, a unique opportunity for transformational change to the manufacturing sector in the EU. Ahead of the publication of the strategy, the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) has set out seven key areas where action is needed to ensure success. **Update : The EEB’s detailed initial response to the EU Industrial Strategy was published on 13 March 2020. [Click here to download].** The EEB is Europe’s largest network of  (...)
  • lundi 6 avril

  • Majority of Uber and taxi users willing to pay more for an electric ride - EU poll (Transport & Environment)
    More than half (52%) of taxi and Uber customers in seven European countries are willing to pay an extra 15-20 cents (euro) per km for a zero-emission ride [1], according to a new online YouGov poll [2] published today by the NGO campaign #TrueCostOfUber. Interested in this kind of news ? Receive them directly in your inbox. Delivered once a week. Sign Up This is especially true with young people who use Uber services more  (...)
  • samedi 4 avril

  • Nuclear Tests Marked Life on Earth With a Radioactive Spike (The Atlantic)
    On the morning of March 1, 1954, a hydrogen bomb went off in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. John Clark was only 20 miles away when he issued the order, huddled with his crew inside a windowless concrete blockhouse on Bikini Atoll. But seconds went by, and all was silent. He wondered if the bomb had failed. Eventually, he radioed a Navy ship monitoring the test explosion. “It’s a good one,” they told him. Then the blockhouse began to lurch. At least one crew member got seasick—“landsick”  (...)
  • vendredi 3 avril

  • What I learned from the women fighting to save our planet (Greenpeace International)
    Climate activism isn’t as fun as it used to be. I remember the first time I striked–revving up the crowd was fun, and so was chanting for climate justice with a group of strangers. But long gone are those days. Climate Strike Thailand, the group I launched, grew bigger and it seemed like it was finally making the difference I had hoped for. But creating change meant fixing a problem, and fixing a problem meant facing the complexities of environmental policy and political drama. © Nanticha  (...)
  • jeudi 2 avril

  • Oil major Total undermining French palm oil diesel law with doublespeak (Transport & Environment)
    A controversy has broken out in France over a tax exemption that threatens to undermine a new law aimed at reducing demand for palm oil diesel. The exemption is for palm fatty acid distillate (PFAD), a by-product of palm oil. Following intense lobbying by oil and gas multinational Total, the French customs authority changed its mind and classified PFAD as a residue, not direct palm oil. This way diesel made with palm-based PFAD can continue to benefit from environmental tax advantages.  (...)
  • CEO’s Lobby Labyrinth (Corporate Europe Observatory)
    Who’s suing against climate and environmental action ? 02.04.2020 These six companies have sued or threatened to sue EU countries under the Energy Charter Treaty. Can you find them in the Lobby Labyrinth ? Here are some hints to help you navigate the labyrinth : Company #1 : When environmental standards on a coal-fired power plant were tightened in the North of Germany, Swedish company V _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ l sued  (...)

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