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  • lundi 27 mars

  • You did it ! Samsung will finally recycle millions of Galaxy Note 7s (Greenpeace International)
    Remember when we did this… Greenpeace activists create satirical scenes to show the explosion of the Galaxy Note 7 as well as how the device can be recycled at the front gate of the Samsung Electronics’ headquarters in Suwon. ...and what about this ? Greenpeace protests outside the Palau de Congresos de Cataluña (Catalunya Palace of Congress) during the presentation of Samsung ahead of the Mobile World Congress. And remember when you shared this ? After five months of people powered (...)
  • jeudi 23 mars

  • Melting sea ice breaks new records — an Arctic sanctuary is more urgent than ever (Greenpeace International)
    With sea ice at record low levels this winter, the Arctic needs us now perhaps more than ever. Last week, a vote in the European Parliament showed that Arctic protection has become an established conversation in the corridors of power – but we don’t need words ; we need action. An Arctic sanctuary would give permanent protection to the area covering the international waters around the North Pole. Its creation would show that humans can respond to tragedy with hope and that, instead of (...)
  • mercredi 22 mars

  • Samsung, the clock is ticking (Greenpeace International)
    Galaxy Note7 is the most talked about phone release in years — unfortunately for Samsung however, for the wrong reasons. Anyone travelling on a plane since November anywhere in world will have heard about the overheating issues and the global recall. Since then Samsung has been doing everything it can to reassure, calm, and save its image. It seems the corporation’s latest tactic after some hip adverts and an (almost) slick press conference is to just try to get everyone to forget, move on, (...)
  • Why Brazil’s rotten meat scandal is a big problem — and not just for Brazilians (Greenpeace International)
    Food scandals like this happen more often than you think and may affect you more than you know — even if you don’t live in Brazil. Have you heard about the shocking rotten meat scandal that’s shaking the Brazilian society and economy this week ? Over the weekend, Brazilian police unveiled an investigation exposing systemic bribing of Brazilian meat inspectors by major meat-packing companies (some of them top global companies) to conceal dirty meat by paying them to issue false “fit-to-eat” (...)
  • mardi 21 mars

  • From Marrakesh to Brussels : the long arm of the EU copyright lobby (Corporate Europe Observatory)
    Members of the copyright industry and their political allies are currently waging an EU lobby battle over proposed copyright exceptions. For the 285 million blind and visually impaired people globally, such exceptions would provide better access to a wider range of print publications, but industry is fiercely protective of its intellectual property rights. Members of the copyright industry and their political allies are currently waging an EU lobby battle over proposed copyright (...)
  • Publishers and EU states risk entrenching ‘book famine’ for visually impaired people (Corporate Europe Observatory)
    After a four-year delay, the EU is looking to ratify the international Marrakesh Treaty to make a greater range of print publications available in accessible formats for visually impaired people. But ahead of a key parliamentary committee vote and Council meeting on the Treaty, the extent and potential harm of industry and member state lobbying on the issue is already excessive, new research by Corporate Europe Observatory shows. Many campaigners have praised the Marrakesh Treaty as a (...)
  • How community land rights can save our forests and climate (Greenpeace International)
    Almost exactly two years ago, the local communities of Mahan forest, in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, had plenty of reason to celebrate. On the eve of the International Day of Forests 2015, they received news that their ancestral lands would not be auctioned off for coal mining. This was the result of a long and intense struggle to secure their communal rights over the forest that provide livelihoods to thousands of people living there. Mahan Forest Victory Celebration in India. © (...)

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