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  • dimanche 22 juillet

  • The Death of the Public Square (The Atlantic)
    What is God ? When the question first rattled my adolescent mind, I took it to my mom and dad, and received wildly divergent answers. I cracked the beige-in-every-way set of World Book encyclopedias in our attic. And after poking around on the shelves of my anti-clerical father, I found Nietzsche and realized that God was actually dead. If I were a boy now, we all know exactly where I would turn for an answer. All of us enter our questions, both about where to brunch and the meaning of (...)
  • jeudi 19 juillet

  • EU Parliament backs microplastic bans to tackle plastic pollution (European Environmental Bureau - EEB)
    The European Parliament’s environment committee today voted to strengthen the European Commission’s overall plans to cut plastic pollution, under the so-called Plastics Strategy. On behalf of the Rethink Plastic alliance, Meadhbh Bolger, resource justice campaigner at Friends of the Earth Europe, said : “The environment committee has recognised that the Commission’s plans to tackle plastic pollution must be strengthened to protect our oceans. Today’s vote gives a strong signal that more can (...)
  • lundi 16 juillet

  • How Rats Remake Coral Reefs (The Atlantic)
    In the middle of the Indian Ocean, on a small island in the Chagos Archipelago, black rats scurry about in search of food. Meanwhile, 250 meters offshore, in the coral reef that circles the island, jewel damselfish graze on patches of algae. These two creatures will never meet, but their lives are nonetheless connected. Through a complicated chain of events, the rats are suppressing the growth of the fish, and endangering the fate of the reefs in which they live. In the late 18th and early (...)

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