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  • vendredi 24 février

  • Our oceans, our responsibility (Greenpeace International)
    For some people the oceans may seem vast - to me they are my garden and my home. For the last three decades I have spent most of my life as a sailor and a captain. So you can imagine I feel a special tie to our blue planet. The many years at sea also mean I have witnessed how things have increasingly gone wrong for our oceans. Year by year, more and more fishing boats are out there, and they are getting bigger and bigger as well. There is so much over-fishing going on, so much poor (...)
  • Driving Into Disaster (Corporate Europe Observatory)
    ‘Dieselgate’ was the result of corporate-driven deregulation, with both member states and European institutions complicit in turning a blind eye to industry-wide abuse, according to a report released today by Corporate Europe Observatory and Friends of the Earth Europe. ‘Dieselgate’ was the result of corporate-driven deregulation. Our new report takes a look at the complicity of the Commission’s ’Better Regulation’ agenda and at the way member states and European institutions have turned a blind (...)
  • mercredi 22 février

  • Will MEPs resist lobby pressure to derail better workplace cancer law ? (Corporate Europe Observatory)
    Next Tuesday, the European Parliament’s employment committee will vote on a directive that, quite literally, is a life-and-death issue. On the table : the revision of EU laws to protect workers from cancer-causing substances at work. Industry lobbyists have been putting heavy pressure on parliamentarians to refrain from supporting stronger rules that could save the lives of thousands of workers. Some MEPs in the committee seem to have followed this lead, as they submitted amendments (...)
  • mardi 21 février

  • El lobby de Monsanto : un ataque contra nosotros, nuestro planeta y nuestra democracia (Corporate Europe Observatory)
    Las multinacionales como Monsanto tienen a su disposición recursos ilimitados para comprar el poder político mediante acciones de lobby. No sólo les representan numerosos grupos de presión a todos los niveles, del local al global, sino que también tienen un ejército de lobbistas mercenarios, financian a científicos para que hablen en su favor y participan en proyectos de « greenwashing » (« lavado de cara » verde). Las multinacionales como Monsanto tienen a su disposición recursos ilimitados para (...)
  • HSBC promises to cut ties with forest-trashing palm oil companies (Greenpeace International)
    There’s been a major breakthrough in protecting Indonesia’s forests : HSBC has committed to breaking its links to palm oil companies destroying forests and peatlands. This is a fantastic result for everyone who has been campaigning over the last few weeks, although the hard work doesn’t stop there. The real test now is how those words will be put into practice. HSBC’s new policy - released today - says they will no longer provide funding to companies involved in any kind of deforestation or (...)
  • Greenpeace supports Indigenous Peoples’ Rights : Here’s why (Greenpeace International)
    Indigenous communities the world over are on the front lines of environmental destruction. Many have been fighting for centuries to protect land, water and air from threats like overfishing, deforestation and industrial development. Water Protector at Dakota Access Pipeline Red Warrior Camp, 8 Sep, 2016. Today, Indigenous Peoples continue to put their lives on the line to fight for justice and for the rights to their traditional territories : resisting logging in Guatemala and fighting (...)

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